PG&E says gas smell in Vallejo coming from them

(File photo courtesy Pacific Gas & Electric Company via Facebook)

If you hear or smell the sound of escaping gas in Vallejo on Wednesday, it might be coming from the dog, but chances are it’s originating with equipment used by the Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E).

In a Twitter message posted earlier in the week, a PG&E spokesperson said the utility company would carry out a venting operation at its natural gas equipment near the area of Interstate 80 and Fairgrounds Drive.

“This is part of PG&E enhancing the safety and reliability of the natural gas system in Vallejo,” the spokesperson said.

It was not clear from the message when the gas venting initiative would finish in Vallejo.

In the past, PG&E has said their venting process releases some natural gas into the atmosphere, but that the gas quickly dissipates and is otherwise not harmful to the public.

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